My Story
empowering women to take on their dreams confidently

When I began investing in real estate, I found myself jumping from agent to agent because no one truly wanted to work with me; they just wanted to sell their listings. My first investment property was an older townhome, where I hired contractors to renovate the interior and the townhome was sold for excellent profit. I then moved onto flipping pre-sold condos on contract. The market shifted at one point however and I had to complete on those presale condos.

At that time, I was inappropriately advised to get a line of credit instead of a mortgage to complete on my contract. And so began my real estate nightmares. Eventually, I lost everything I had made and found myself in massive debt.

After this experience with realtors and mortgage brokers, I decided to empower myself and become a realtor and mortgage broker. I wanted to learn the legal and technical aspects of real estate and mortgage financing in order to protect myself in the future.

At first I thought the main purpose of getting into real estate was enriching my own knowledge for personal use. However, during my course of doing business mainly based on referrals from family and friends, I discovered something more.

My true passion and satisfaction actually came from educating and guiding my clients on easy successful transactions, in order to prevent the experiences I went through from happening to anyone, especially to women.
Real estate can be very tricky but very rewarding at the same time. If this is not your domain of expertise, my advice is to work with someone who has your best interest at heart.

I strive to work with my clients for their long term success and I love to empower women to become financially independent through real estate. I offer full services for both Buyers and Sellers. I also assist in obtaining mortgage financing for qualified Buyers, giving the Sellers a peace of mind. This way, when an offer comes through, the Sellers know for sure that the Buyers are qualified to purchase the property.


Andi Pham is the managing broker and founder of Reign Realty--a forward, inclusive, and innovative BC Real Estate brokerage.

Property Management

Andi co-owns and operates Candid Management Group, A BC-based modern property management firm.